NOVO – The Political Corruption Card Game


This project is about making a trading card game I’ve been working on for some time. I’ve done from the initial idea and planning of the game system, which is to be very simple and portable, to the different artworks, card design and such. At this point, I can’t uncover any further information than the premise of this idea, cause all mechanics are in development and this is still a WIP.


“NOVO – No Volverá a Ocurrir” Card game is based upon political and police related intrigues around two major and hegemonic parties, of course ficitional, that are represented by the two players. From this starting point players will decide which tactics can help them achive victory faster.

Example detail of two cards side by side. (Card Layout is provisional)


The game is only remaining a few artwork pieces and final touches to hit it’s second playable version. I’ve already tested it with blank cards with actual effects and stats and the play system works really well. As soon as the artwork is finished, I’ll print a first “beta” version for completely strangers to test and see what’s next. Game is also registered and so is the artwork, of course, as so as the rest of content uploaded in this webpage.

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