La Facultad de la Mente

This is a small project that I was part of along with my most loved colleagues during the first years of my degree, in college. It started as a minuscule project to undertake during our free times and ended up with several years of shooting, lots of script edits and friends involved. I, specifically, took the role as Director. But, nonetheless, I can’t say that without saying that It was an accidental role, as we did so much work on all fields and areas that at the end we had to pick one for organization matters. We were there for the script, production, shooting, sound mixing, editing and coloring as well. We even did, or tried a little bit of distribution. That however, ended up overcoming us. Too much fronts to battle against and very few resources left to.

At the end we finished an extraordinary learning experience that we hope to put in practice very soon. Stay tuned.


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